Compound Specifications


ABS 710 Utility Black, 720 Black, 730 White, 780 Grey
ABS 710H Utility Black, 720H Black, 730H White, 780H Grey
ABS FR SP790 Black and Custom Colors
ABS FR SP791 Black and Custom Colors


Polystyrene High Impact 810 Black, 880 Grey
Polystyrene High Impact SP810 Black, SP880 Grey
Polystyrene Medium Impact 811 Black, 881 Grey


Polycarbonate FR910VO Utility Black, FR980VO Grey
Polycarbonate 910 Utility Black, 920 Black, 980 Grey, 930 White, 900 Clear
Polycarbonate SP910 Utility Black, SP920 Black, SP980 Grey, SP930 White and Custom Colors

ABS/PC Alloy

ABS/PC Alloy 310 Utility Black, 380 Grey, 330 White (formerly 705)
ABS/PC Alloy FR FR310 Utility Black, FR380 Grey, 330 White (formerly FR705)


Polypropylene Copolymer 502 Black
Polypropylene Impact Copolymer 502C Black
Polypropylene Homopolymer 510 Black


PPO Copolymer 210 Black, Custom Colors

PPO FR 211 Black, Custom Colors

PPO FR SP211 Black, Custom Colors


Polyethylene 603 Black