Our Vision / Our Common Ground

We each embrace a shared set of values for our work:
Resourcefulness, Responsiveness & Responsibility – collectively, our common ground.

Guided by our common ground (values), we strive for the well being and betterment of ourselves, our family, each other, company clients, suppliers and communities.

Our individual and collective work achievements enable us to derive economic value and benefits from our company. Our wealth empowers fulfillment of our personal goals.

Being Resourceful, Responsive & Responsible looks like…


Doing the Right Thing

Other’s misdeeds, behavior or situational conditions never justify less.


Protecting Our Reputation

Words and actions reflect our values and affect our reputation.


Acting with Integrity

Say what you will do, and do what you have said.


Taking Personal Responsibility

Own it. Apologize. Clean it up. Make it right.


Embracing Service Over Self

Teamwork and service to others matters.


Respecting Each Other

Zero tolerance for bullies. Our work space is a safe place.


Expressing Gratitude

Show appreciation and celebrate the contribution of others.